6 Tips for a Faster Promotion

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So, you’ve been working in the same position for over a year and no one has said anything to you about a promotion or increase in pay. There could be many reasons for a company not giving you a promotion or a raise and some of them are valid, such as a downturn in the profits of the company or even your own job performance.

However, not all companies are suffering downturns. If your company is thriving but you still haven’t gotten a raise, there are many things you can do to get noticed – in a good way – by your company superiors and move the promotion process along.

These strategies can help you to move up the ladder:

  1. Be vocal. Discussing your concerns with your boss is important and they will value your word, just as they value your work.
    • Offer realistic and effective solutions to your concerns.
    • Discuss your thoughts on things that you can do to bring value to the company.
  2. Be on time. Being late could lead your boss to believe that you’re a slacker who doesn’t value your job, even if you have a valid excuse. Show up a bit early, instead, and use this time to get to know your coworkers better and prepare for the day’s tasks.
  3. Be a team player. Employees are more likely to move up faster in a company if a supervisor can see that they work well as a team. If you’re an isolated worker, ensure that your boss sees that you are making an effort to communicate and work effectively with others.
    • Do your part for team projects to help make them successful. Offer to lend a hand to a coworker who may be struggling.
    • Be willing to share the victories with others. Helping the team look good also helps you to look good.
  4. Continue learning. Employers value higher education. Sometimes you might deserve a raise, but your current level of education doesn’t assure the company that you are worth more pay. Continue your education with online learning or night school and show your company that you are willing to be worth the raise.
    • Along with additional knowledge, you can learn many new skills as well as hone the skills you already have.
    • Picking up additional degrees or certificates for skills that can help your company will impress your bosses and could be a turning point for your career.
  5. Have a meeting with your boss to discuss your job performance. Find out where your boss thinks you can improve and make a concrete plan to ensure that it happens. Openly discuss the prospect of a raise.
  6. Check open jobs. If your boss isn’t willing to provide a raise even though you deserve the money, it could be time to move on. Continue to look at open jobs as they become available.

Following these tips will help you to move forward – not only in your bank account – but also in your career. They will increase your worth as an employee and make you a valuable asset to your company.

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Karie Barrett
Karie Barrett

Karie is a results-obsessed marcom, design, and analytics professional with proven success leading corporate marketing, internal communications, and business strategy development for companies across diverse commercial and nonprofit industries.

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