Success-Hindering Habits to Kick Out of Your Life

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Success-Hindering Habits to Kick Out of Your Life

Does it seem like success is eluding you? Success is only as close as you allow it to be. Surprisingly, it’s something that you have complete control over and can easily will into your life. If it’s so easy, you might wonder, then why don’t you have more of it? Have you stopped to think about why that is?

Start your analysis by looking within. Reflect honestly on your life – your behaviors, habits and attitudes – to determine if there might be some things you may be able to do differently to achieve different results. There’s a strong likelihood that there’s some tweaking you can do in your quest to achieve success. Your tweaking might include banishing the following success-hindering habits that are surprisingly common, yet insanely integral, in preventing you from being successful.

Success-Hindering Habits You Ought To Let Go

Assess yourself. Give some thought to whether you’re guilty of any of the following habits, and you’ll likely be very surprised to realize that you are!

  1.  Self-doubt. By far, lacking self-confidence is the most damaging habit when it comes to your bid for success. The worst thing you can do is doubt your worthiness for a successful outcome. That particular mindset makes achieving anything very challenging. So instead of doubting yourself, affirm that you can do it:
    • Believe that you’re capable of doing anything you set your mind to doing.
    • Know that you’re worth every ounce of a positive outcome.
    • Avoid closing the door on an opportunity because you don’t feel you’ll do well at it.
  1.  Procrastination. Putting off getting tasks done will likely result in a less than the favorable result. When opportunity knocks, answer the door! Instead of waiting until later, try the following tips:
    • Prioritize your tasks.
    • Aim to complete tasks within the time you’ve allotted for them.
    • Jump at every opportunity you get to complete a task.
  1.  Disorganization. Setting daily goals for yourself is probably something you already do, but you’re likely wondering why it is you haven’t been able to meet those goals. A big hindrance is disorganization. Sometimes goals seem so attainable, but because there’s no real plan in place to attain them, you end up missing out.
  2.  Lost focus. Losing focus on what you really want to achieve is a sure way to end up under-accomplished. Success doesn’t come just because you want it. Your mission should be to maintain focus on your goals so they don’t slip away unnoticed. Take an action each day, even if it’s small, to move you forward to your goal.
    • Be serious about the success you want to achieve. Make it one of your priorities.
    • The commitment you have to building successful relationships is the same commitment you should have to achieving goals.

So now that you have a look at what could possibly be hindering your ability to succeed, it’s time to make some very real changes in your life and how you approach your targets. There’s nothing that can get in the way of you being a success story! All you need to do is adopt an attitude for success. Start with throwing away any negative habits that hinder your journey to success.

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Karie Barrett
Karie Barrett

Karie is a results-obsessed marcom, design, and analytics professional with proven success leading corporate marketing, internal communications, and business strategy development for companies across diverse commercial and nonprofit industries.

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